Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Child-like Imagery

What a beautiful image a relatively new friend who has been emailing me and checking on me constantly- to the point where she asked where the line was between supporting and stalking- ha- sent me this just now. I think it's a great image.

The imagery that came to me about sharing your burden, being beside you, is like this:

If we were school age or something, we'd walk together. You'll say, "This sucks." And I'll say, "Yeah." and kick a rock on the road.

Or, the kids would be playing dodge ball in the school yard. You'd have a broken leg or something and I'd sit next to you to keep you company as we sit out the game.


  1. stunning, and so true. I too have wondered about stalking vs. supporting :-) Ha! Love these images. So beautiful. I strongly recommend "Mudhouse Sabbath" by Lauren Winner. She talks about the need for sitting shiva- as Christians- this is a tradition we should reclaim. As someone who was Jewish, sitting shiva is a powerful, redeeming process to honor, remember and celebrate a life, while being able to love and care for those grieving. You are gaining some real powerful insights that I know will comfort others. Keep going with your writing.

  2. I also love these images! I am going to pick up this book as well. Keep writing, Julia.