Exactly the Opposite 7.21.10

After your memorial service, I saw a well-dressed woman with glasses waiting to speak to me. It was the Executive Vice President of digital in the large online advertising company you worked at. You worked there for quite a few years, and most recently, were able to temp there in between traveling with the tour. You spoke highly of her and told me that she seemed to respect you.

You struggled so much there...within the parameters of a 9-5 (although you worked much longer hours than that) job. You felt so out of place, like you were pretending. I've been there too.

But you still gave your best- working during busy seasons through the night, making sure everything would go smoothly and quietly supporting everyone else.

Still, I doubted you. I thought like you, that you were not meant for that environment and perhaps made mistakes or worked slowly. I am so very sorry Daniel that I doubted you.

When this VP spoke to me I shared that with her- that you gave it your very best even though you felt so incompetent. She smiled and told me this: "It was exactly the opposite. He was brilliant."