You were always coming up with ideas- and you really were an entrepreneur at heart. One of your dreams (and mine) was to one day own a restaurant/cafe/music space where we'd serve really good food and have great music. When we were walking by an empty store for rent in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn- you made me stop so you could punch the number of the seller into your phone. I was angry- we could barely pay our rent- how would we buy a store and start a business?

You had other ideas too and somehow got connected through a friend with someone who patented inventions. I remember you meeting with them and telling me they really liked one of your ideas. That's as far as my memory goes though.

You also had an idea for a website very similar to Facebook I think- but it would connect people who didn't know each other according to their mutual interests.

But for years, you were passionate about a stuffed animal idea. This stuffed animal would be a really fat version of all different animals- a fat cat, a fat dog, a fat pig. They'd be called, yes, you guessed it "Fatimals." Why? Because you thought everything fat was cute- (hey wait a second?). Fat babies, fat bulldogs (your favorite- the more slobber- the better).

I think you bought a website with the name or something. For years, I'd go to get our mail and find a whole bunch of credit card offers and other services addressed to Daniel Cho, President and CEO, Fatimals.