Past Tense

I've never been great with tenses. Or commas for that matter- though I kind of had to learn once I was teaching writing on the college level. It feels like as I'm writing, I get excited and forget which time I mean to be in, or write in. Now it's particularly hard.

I think tenses for me are to writing what rhythm is to music, commas even more closely related to rhythm I guess. When I got excited playing songs, I always sped up- especially my guitar strumming. Kind of like a train wreck I think you said once. But probably not, because you were much more gentle in your criticism. I never noticed it before you told me so Dan. I thought I was just singing away- so passionately. Ha.

I am writing to you now mostly in these posts. I meant it to be for Audrey and I think it still will be- when she's older and wants to know both of us better. But I am writing mostly to you.

My tenses though, are getting all mixed up. Between memories and now...and talking about you in the past tense- which continues to sound not just strange but ridiculous to me.