Audrey loves pizza- it was one of her first words. And I was all into making my own whole wheat dough this past winter and my own little pizzas. Part of my pursuit of holy domesticity. Really a ridiculous one I mostly failed at.

Someone asked me what kind of food they could drop off tomorrow and I mentioned Audrey could have the whole wheat pizza at Whole Foods.

I could go for pizza too actually- even though I still have very little appetite for most food. You always said when a person was sick, they shouldn't have to eat healthy or chicken soup necessarily, but just to eat whatever they loved and felt like. You said pizza was a good one.

You loved pizza Dan- said you could never get tired of it. You discovered something in Brooklyn called "grandma pizza" that was cut in rectangles and tasted extra fresh- I guess like your grandma would make- with lots of garlic- something else you loved. You even loved frozen pizza- not the healthier kinds they have now, but the kind we ate when we were kids, and a few times we bought it just because we felt like it.

Before we went to Korea for the first time as a couple, I remember we walked to the pizza place on 7th avenue. We knew we'd be eating Korean food nonstop for 2 weeks, so we wanted to enjoy some good pizza before we left.

When you got back from the tour around Christmas and we found out the tour would be postponed until March were feeling the pressure to get a job quickly since we had no income. You started playing wedding gigs, and you also decided to interview for another job you saw online- giving pizza tours in NYC. I think it's called Scott's Pizza Tours. I laughed when you told me you had a phone interview, and I smiled as I sat listening to that interview in our room not that long ago. You and Scott seemed to hit it off, and one of the first questions he must've asked was, why do you want to do this or think you'd be good at it. So I heard you saying very enthusiastically, "Well, I've always liked pizza." I was dying listening to this conversation.

Turns out you could've had the job, but he needed someone long term and you had to return to the stupid tour. But Scott tipped us off on the best pizza in Edgewater.