A Bird and a Dog

The weekend we "fell in love"- july 17-1999-our third time meeting- we were driving down to Maryland for a youth rally I had been asked to play at.

And in the car, I quizzed you with this little quiz that my friend, who was studying psychology, had recently asked me.

As I remember, the question was basically- if you could travel around the world and take any animal with you - what would that animal be? You said dog. I had said bird. So, only then after the person answers, do you tell them that the animal represents what they want their future mate to be like.

But you know what- I think the answer actually describes the person taking the quiz. I mean, I think you were definitely more like a dog- mungmungdog right? A loyal and amazing companion with puppy dog eyes. And I was more like the bird- always singing and chattering, fearful at times.

Our first Christmas together- you bought me a sterling silver necklace from Tiffany's- a silver bird. You said you were my bird. You also said it was the only thing in Tiffany's that you didn't find tacky. Well, it doesn't really matter who's the bird or who's the dog. I'm glad that we could be each other's companion on this journey.