Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cool Places

Seems since I first met you- you were taking me to cool places I never would've gone otherwise. These are just a few that come to the top of my head- I know there were so many more cool things we did. I'd usually feel out of place and not know what to wear- so I'd just wear black. I'd come in a cab, excited, touching up my make-up on the way there. I'd either meet you outside or go inside and find you. You'd be rehearsing or doing a sound-check- as cool as ever...and then you'd see me and smile. Whether it was sitting in a small bar on the lower east side, or doing something more glamorous- I loved being the one you smiled at. Loved it. Will think of it all of my life.
  • Was on VH1 Storytellers with Wyclef Jean- and surprise guest Bono- at the Copa Cabana in NYC.
  • Went to a party at Henri Bendel during Fashion Week where all of the celebs were looking around at the insanely expensive new clothes on display
  • Went to a VOGUE magazine party in a penthouse of some really fancy building and sat next to and made small talk with some VIP at Sony.
  • Got to meet my teen idol when you woke him in his dressing room- Joey Mcintyre of New Kids on the Block- when your old band opened up for him on tour.
  • Got to climb around backstage in Williamsburg the first time you played with Regina- at 8 months pregnant- taking pics of you.
  • Met Leigh Nash after a concert at The Bottom Line and gave her our pretty crummy CD.
  • Got a signed CD from Patti Griffin wishing me a happy 27th birthday.

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