Gratitude Basket

About four or five years ago, I came up with another "Cho Family Tradition" I wanted for us. I was always doing that- it kind of bugged you, but you liked this one.

So we had a little basket on the kitchen table and in it lots of scraps of blank paper. Anytime we were feeling grateful for something, we'd jot it down- separately. We weren't allowed to read the other person's papers until New Year's Day. On that day, we'd sit together and take turns opening random folded slips of paper. We'd laugh at how many times we both wrote down favorite meals or foods. That was something we were obviously thankful for. Your favorite sandwich place served the #9- their version of a cuban but with pork, monterey jack, jalapenos (which you pronounced jah lap uh nos), cilantro, and a roasted garlic spread- all on a really good ciabatta bread. Well, that one turned up in the gratitude basket at least 3 or 4 times. #9 it would just say.

One of the first things I felt like doing within the first few days after the phone call, was opening up your slips of paper in our current basket- which is actually a clementine crate. I'd been so tempted to look the past six months but never did - because I was holding out for New Year's day and looking through them with you.

I want to share a few of the things that you were thankful for in this past year:

Even though we don't own a house/home, we can eat.
H-mart in Fort Lee
It's tough being unemployed, but it's nice to spend time with the fam.
Audrey's way of saying Christmas tree- "kwee!"
Julia's killer looks
Julia's great cooking
Date night
Possible job opportunity back at MV
"Lost" on Hulu

and this last one: