Happiest Time

It's strange looking through all of your text messages from almost the entire past year...seeing how you interacted with so many different people. But since it's one of the few things I have left- it's like a gift that's hard to open- to get to hear new words from you I haven't heard before.

And I found one from me to you and you to me.
Back in November, things were rough as usual with you always leaving...there was a lot of tension and a lot of goodbyes.

At some point in between your coming and going, you asked me:

"What was the happiest time in your life?"

Our conversation must have gotten sidetracked and I never answered the question.

Then you were gone again.

And I texted you this:

since you asked- the happiest time in my life was when i met you.

And your reply:

Me too- & when Audrey was born. I love you.