How I Love You

This was an expression we picked up at some point and said to one another often.  It seemed to express what we felt better than "I love you."

Audrey- I want to tell you how your Appa loved you- in the purest, most adoring way, how he wanted to protect you...

After you were born, he was working very long hours.  So I sent him a lot of emails with photos and videos of you to try to cheer him up throughout the day.  Well, there is nothing like hearing your child laugh for the first time.  I loved your laugh and so I tickled you and caught it on video.

I sent it to your dad at work with this as the subject of the email: "put some laughter into your day."

But rather than just enjoy seeing his baby laugh- he was concerned that you were not enjoying my tickling.  Always looking out for you.

Here was his reply to me:


thanks for sending me that.  she's so cute!!!

but please stop tickling her.  i think she hates it.  she just can't communicate "mommy, please stop!"

but thanks!

Oh, how he loved you.