Three More Chinese Fortunes

I mentioned the one about moving to a great new home within the year.

In Dan's older wallets- I just found the photo inserts in his "memoranda" - a little box I kept for each of us with special things- there are 3 more.

In one of the inserts from before we were married: "Tonight is a night for romance and affection." That poor guy waited five long years and I remember when he tucked that in his wallet and we would later joke about it on our wedding day...

Another photo insert has the fortune: "No Rose is without its thorn." He kept this one because it was about me. He often referred to me as a rose in our early dating years, but soon discovered I had many thorns. I guess he was trying to remember the good while I hurt him sometimes with my prickliness.

And underneath that one is a final fortune- that I don't really remember knowing about.

It reads: "You are almost there."