Wednesday, September 8, 2010


More word keeping- the first song you wrote for me.  It is on Ralph Lauren stationary- where you were temping at the time...1999.  You played it for me one night after my parents had gone to sleep- in their living room- quietly strumming my guitar- looking at me- singing.  Like so many other songs- it is rich in meaning after...

Julia, you are faced with big questions now
Uncertainty- you don't know what is coming next.
Julia, I can see your frustrations now
don't understand why things have to be so complex.

When life just seems so hard
and God just seems so far
just close your eyes and hold my hand...

Fear not, God is surely with you now
Be strong, hold on.
Sometimes all you have to do is just
be calm, and hold on- hold on.

Julia, where'd you learn how to sing like that?
with your voice, you light my world when it's all pitch black
When you need me, I'll be there- wherever you are
Himalayas, Grand Canyon, or Central Park

When life just seems so hard
and God just seems so far
Just close your eyes and hold my hand...

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  1. Hi Julia and Audrey.

    I just discovered your journal a few days ago. As soon as I did I then did a search for Dan online and read of all of his accomplishments. Of course, work is important but the biggest of all was your life together and the creation of Audrey. She is and will continue to be a perfect blend of the two of you - your love's legacy to the world.

    What you are experiencing is my own worst fear and words can not express the hurt I feel for the two of you. I'm sorry you have to continue without the love of your life and I can only hope one day you will be able to find a different kind of peace and happiness - though that must seem an impossible thought right now.

    I'll be thinking of you - the three of you.