The Seven Chord

For the first time- starting to feel like playing some old songs I wrote on the guitar- some Dan and I wrote together...

Audrey's been occupied doing this one puzzle for a long time these days so she's been doing the puzzle while I play a bit.  Two ladies doing some creating.

All of the songs are so imbued with double meanings now- and I wonder- would that work with any song after a person dies- or is it special that it's happening like that?  Feels kind of like when you realize your verse and chorus can fit together and be sung on top of each other for the outro or something.  Love when that happens.  I think it's special.

I also realized that in the songs I wrote for you- or the ones you just added a note or two to- that note was always the seven chord.  Like the song I wrote while you were away in Virginia on the first Thanksgiving since we'd met entitled "I Don't Have the Words."  I played you a bit over the phone and you suggested changing the E to an E7- I did.  Such a stirring, dramatic chord when inserted at just the right place- thank you for being that for me- in my life.