Two Bouquets

Why am I fixated on who will walk Audrey down the aisle?  We've got a few more decades 'til then, but I guess it's something I already said from time to time to you- "One day you'll be walking her down that aisle."  You would say something like, "Oh don't say that!"  You wanted her to stay little and cute forever.

The other day in one of the grieving books I read about a bride who had lost her father at a very young age.  She had two bouquets made up on her wedding day- one that she carried- and one that she laid at her father's grave later that day.  I wept when I read this.

I literally sat here for a while just now pondering this question that is decades away.  Audrey doesn't have a brother- who knows who will be in our lives at that time, I think.  But then I have a thought that seems so simple I can't believe it eluded me.  I will.  Of course.  I will give her away.