Last Week

Last week was a shitty week...that is truly the best word I can come up with to articulate it.  Not so much grief-related- just life-related.  But of course, harder.

For different reasons every day, I wound up crying in my parked car a lot.

Audrey had a temper tantrum when we got to school one morning, screaming, foaming at the mouth, irrational kind of tantrum and even though I eventually got her up to her room, the teacher sent us home.

One morning I was on the phone opening up a Fed Ex account to try to get your blood sample over from Switzerland.  The man I spoke to was telling me I probably wouldn't have to pay any government taxes because, "It's not worth anything."

Another morning the management of a rental I was supposed to look at calls and cancels because of my income level.

One afternoon I took Audrey to get her hair cut and wound up knowing the wife of the salon owner.   I wasn't sure if she knew that you died, but she later said she did- "That was a few years ago?" and followed up with a quick, "But you're OK now?"  

"It feels like yesterday to me," I answer.  "OK?  No, I wouldn't say OK," I reply.